Floor Fan with High Velocity Motor

CE/ETL Certified 16 inch  Industrial Floor Fan for factory

  • Brand:

  • Item No.:

  • Air flow:

    3500/3100/2700 (m3/h)
  • Blade Diameter:

  • RPM:

    1650/1450/1250 (r/min)
  • Motor Size:

  • Fan Speed:

  • Power Supply:

  • Loading Quantity:

    588PCS/20GP 1368CS/40HQ
  • Product Detail

High Velocity Motor Floor Fan for party

16 inch High speed floor fan is perfect for keeping cool while relaxing indoors, such as home, garages. This floor fan requires minimal assembly and has individually balanced fan blades, as well as a powder-coated finish for ease in cleaning. You can enjoy three levels of cooling to create your perfect climate conditions. 


*Moves up to 3,500 CFM on high

*Lightweight and portable with built-in carry handle and cord retainer
*3-speed choices via rotary switch
*Powder-coated finish for ease in cleaning
*Suitable for indoor usage
*ETL/cETL Listed
*1-year limited warranty
*Portable and durable long life-time design
*Heavy duty all metal construction
*Balanced blades for optimal airflow
*Industrial high velocity motor
*The full line fans available from 12” 14” 18” 20” 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 60”


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