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What is Spot Cooling and How Does A Spot Cooler Work?
Dec 12 , 2019

Spot Cooling is a kind of portable air-conditioning system, which can be placed anywhere that you want to achieve a specific point's cooling.

A Spot Cooler AC Unit can be moved to everywhere or positioned strategically to cool those spots that need to be cooled down in your offices or buildings or workshops, production lines and so on - those areas which are hot and need to be cooled down to create a more suitable work environment for people.

In Winmore, you can find different Spot Coolers in 4 specifications. From 12000BTU to 36000BTU, you can choose what spec you need.

While energy costs continue to increase, utility companies are frequently unable to provide all of the electricity which laboratory, hospital or office complex may have large demands. When circumstances force your business to control expenses, the case for spot cooling will become more and more important - as spot cooling provides efficient, low-cost cooling, which easy to achieve the effect you want, at the same time save the energy.

For many industries and companies, for various of applications, Spot Coolers are the answer to controlling both the usage of energy and capital expenses. Spot cooling is a method of cooling overheated areas within a larger area, as opposed to providing general cooling by means of a remote centrally controlled air-conditioning system.

In practical operation, spot cooling is an extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes, and equipment because it directs a localized cool air flow exactly to where it is needed. The concept of spot cooling is not a new idea, but the use of Spot Coolers to accomplish localized cooling within work environments and machinery rooms is an effective solution to many difficult cooling problems.

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