Evaporative Air Cooler
What are Evaporative Cooler/Desert Cooler/Swamp Cooler?
Nov 22 , 2019

An evaporative cooler(also called desert cooler,swamp cooler, water cooling and wet air cooler) is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from typical air conditioning systems, which use compressor and refrigerant to accomplish cooling effect.

Evaporative cooling uses the fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate (that is, it has a large enthalpy of vaporization). The temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor (evaporation). This can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. Portable water-cooled air conditioner is composed of a special paper corrugated honeycomb wet curtain with a large surface area, an efficient energy-saving fan, a water circulation system, a float valve water supply device, a casing and electrical components. It reduces the negative pressure generated in the cooler cavity when the fan is running, so that the air outside the machine flows into the surface of the porous wet curtain and enters the cavity. The water on the wet curtain evaporates in an adiabatic state, taking away a lot of latent heat and forcing the air passing through the curtain. The dry-bulb temperature drops to close to the wet-bulb temperature of the air outside the machine, that is, the dry-bulb temperature at the outlet of the air cooler is 5-12 ° C lower than the outdoor dry-bulb temperature (up to 15 ° C in hot and dry areas). The larger the cooling effect, the better. So in extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants. So in some dry areas like middle east, people often call evaporative air cooler as Desert Cooler.

In Winmore, you can find two kinds of Evaporative Air Coolers. One is Big Portable Evaporative Air Coolers, this is mainly used for commercial use, like restaurants, open spaces, outdoor events, carnivals etc. The other one is Small Portable Evaporative Air Cooler, which is mainly used at home or small commercial spaces. The moist winds can make users feel comfortable when cooling down. You can not only find the evaporative air cooler you want in our website, but also can have your own logo and nameplate on the machine body.

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