2.4KW Spot Cooler AC Unit

Winmore 25000BTU 2.4KW 3.0KW Portable Spot Coolers for Industrial Use.

  • Brand:

  • Item No.:

  • Control Type:

    LCD and Remote Controller
  • Cooling Capacity:

    25000BTU/H 4850W
  • Power Consumption:

  • Refrigerant:

  • Loading Quantity:

    32PCS/20GP 72PCS/40HQ
  • Product Detail

Winmore 25000BTU Winmore Portable Spot Coolers for Warehouse, Machinery Room, Production Lines etc.


*Winmore Spot Coolers are all equiped with All-steel housing with self-contained pulleys is durable, light and flexible.

*With remote control, make it possible to control the spot air con unit anywhere.

*Design with universal wheels, easy to move anywhere. Durable lockable castors for easy mobility and storage.

*Imported Rotary compressor to ensure refrigeration capacity, to achieve the purpose of efficient cooling.

*R410A environmental friendly refrigerant, make the spot coolers more environmental friendly while saving energy.

*LCD display, make it easier and more clear to operate.

*Design with 3 cooling air outlet pipe, which direction is adjustable, thus to achieve the function of spot cooling as you want. More spots can be cooled at the same time.

*Be able to connect with hot air exhaust duct to expel hot air out, then the spot AC unit can be placed indoor. The AC unit can also be used in outdoor.

*Widely be used in many sites, such as workshop, production line, garage, warehouse, machinery room, camping etc.


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